This gallery contains my favorite original characters and personal fursuits. Each name is linked to their profile where you can also see the rest of my characters.

I have an original species! Click here to learn all about Druani.


My fursona!

She is a Druan, my original species. They were inspired by the goblin familiars from Flight Rising and are a sort of kobold-faun hybrid.

Theme song: "The Willow Maid" by Erutan


Bobbin the plush mouse was created by an old woman as a Christmas gift for her estranged grandchildren. In a last-minute fit of rage, the woman placed a horrible curse on Bobbin which caused the entire family to vanish. Bobbin, now sentient and ashamed of her past, lives in the workshop of Wilbur Hastings, a kindly carpenter and enchanter.

Theme song: "The Lost Christmas Eve" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Fursuit finished May 2021 (Typo correction: Mothsiclesuits)


Imagine taking the energy of a teen in 2008 who just found out that she's going to a Jonas Brothers concert and putting it into a mid-20s Barbie Girl Bimbo body. Congratulations, you have a Dot!

Theme song: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper


This lemur-dragon is skittish and slow to warm up to others. Like a phoenix from the ashes, they emerged as the successful 'self' in a sort of Jekyll and Hyde situation. Kumba lives by the "be kind, not nice" mentality but isn't exactly loyal: she will always save herself first.

Theme song: "The Poet and The Pendulum" by Nightwish

Fursuit finished Spring 2022