Druani (both singular and plural) is a combination of "draconic" and "faun". They were inspired by the goblin familiars from Flight Rising. This is an open species with no closed or exclusive traits, and everyone is free to create as many Druani as they'd like.


  • Average height: 3' - 5'
  • Bipedal digitigrade body
  • Head is rabbit-like in shape with catlike eyes, rabbit- or sheep-like nose and lips, and catlike teeth
  • Brow ridges are never smooth (furry, scaly, feathery, etc)
  • At least two ram-like horns of varying sizes
  • Medium to long ears positioned either downward or out to the side
  • Furry neck ruff of varying length
  • Hands are five-fingered and are either similar to paws (rounded fingers, paw pads) or reptilian (longer, thinner, scaly) and always have claws
  • Long, reptilian tails are thick at the base and taper to a thin point
  • Feet are ungulate hooves
  • Optional

  • Anatomy varies based on environment (thicker fur in cold regions, fins in semi-aquatic regions, etc)
  • Any additional spikes, fins, scales, fur, feathers on the body
  • Small, flightless wings
  • Any coloration or pattern
  • Pupils can be round, slitted, or goat-like
  • Behavior and Abilities

  • Average lifespan of 100-120 years
  • Either live alone, in small family units, or among other species. Large groups of Druani are uncommon.
  • Born with magical skills that can be honed and improved with practice
  • Magical abilities are often aligned with an element (earth, fire, wind, water, etc)
  • Cannot fly or breathe underwater, BUT can learn to swim and can use magic to grant temporary hovering/levitation
  • Eat plants, poultry, fish, and insects
  • ...More coming soon!