A collection of my favorite song lyrics. In other words, the average UQuiz user's nightmare. (I still don't understand why people hate quizzes with lyric questions and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.)

"It's Not A Game/It's Just A Ride" - Ride the Cyclone

I know this dream of life is never ending
It goes around and round and round again

"Past Tomorrow" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The stars keep all our secrets
Safe in the night they dwell
And after time eternal
They all still listen well

"Under the Ice" - Blind Guardian

We're not allowed to see
Beyond that's your skill
Will we ever learn the lesson
"We can't fly with broken wings"
Break the chains
Time to change

"Down By the River" - Borislav Slavov

Down, down, down by the river
Don't wake me up
Just leave me there dreaming

"Blankets and Bedding" - Come From Away

Medicine, toothpaste, underwear, aspirin
Jackets our kids grew out of last summer
And down at the station we're taking donations
Out by the door
Holy Jesus, there's more

"Dog Eats Dog" - Les Miserables

And God in his heaven
He don't interfere
'Cause he's dead
As the stiffs at me feet
I raise my eyes to see the heavens
And only the moon looks down
The harvest moon shines down